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  • Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    Your home is your biggest investment and a quality kitchen or bath remodeling in Northeast Ohio is one of the best ways to add value to it. And at the same time add to your own personal enjoyment of this room. This is the great way to implement all the details and modern amenities you would like to have. Having lived in your home and used your kitchen for a number of years, you notice the things that you would like to change. And now you have that chance. Updating and upgrading is fine, but make it a point to also customize your kitchen, making it more user-friendly for your personal needs.
  • Whole House Renovation
    Update, upgrade and enhance the look and layout of the place that you and your loved ones have already called home for years. This is the type of project that will enable you to think outside the box and re-create what you would do with the interior of your house. Many homeowners elect to open it up more and you can have a whole new home.
  • Home Remodeling
    There are many things that make us qualified to handle your home remodeling in Northeast Ohio, including the dedication to energy efficiency. Now more than ever it is desirable to plan for better environmentally responsible alternatives and choices. We will show several options you have that will also save you money on energy costs.

  • Room Additions
    Opting to take on building a room addition in Northeast Ohio is a wise alternative to moving, in order to get more space. One of the biggest complaints homeowners have is about not having enough living space in their home. Each year many homeowners go through the ordeal of relocating when they could have just renovated. If you are in need of an additional room, why not work with the home that you already have? There are several reasons that people may be in need of another room. A new baby is a big one, and the need for an in-law suite as well. Tired of living with not enough bathrooms in your home? Wish you had a room for guests to stay in so friends and family can come visit? Wish your family had an entertainment and game room to make memories in? Even an in-home theater? These are all things that Dever Design & Build LLC can provide for you.
  • New Commercial Building
    If you are in need of commercial remodeling in Northeast Ohio, it is normally because you want to update the existing building you have. You may have just acquired a commercial property and want to renovate it to represent your business and brand. Maybe the same space your business has been in for many years but the time has come to give it a new look. This is also a part of making sure the building functions right for its intended purpose, example being to transform from a retail space to a event venue. The most important step is addressing repair needs. Dever Design & Build LLC can help with all of this.
  • Historic Preservation
    Dever Design & Build LLC is regarded as a leading firm in the area of historic preservation, renovation and adaptive re-use in Northeast Ohio. Our approach to these projects ranges from careful restoration to “interpretive rehabilitation”, evoking the memories and character associated with older structures instead of a literal reconstruction. We have become versed in the special challenges involved in the conversion of existing buildings for new uses. Our daily involvement with projects of this nature allows us to provide clients with current information regarding economics of construction, interpretation of building codes, and logical sequencing of complex construction situations..

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